The package of services for large Internet stores is created taking into account specifics of business.

Contact with the buyer
Expectation – the main enemy of financial success of online store. The buyer, who has made an order, has to receive it within 3 days, later the percent of repayment of goods is minimized. The hotline of MaxiPost uses various technologies to contact with the buyer during the pre-delivery period, making time before receiving a parcel by more comfortable. We increase importance of the buyer, constantly informing him where there is a parcel and when it will be delivered. It allows making process of expectation controllable, the customer feels more confident and becomes more loyal to the seller. The offer is aimed to the speed and accuracy of delivery of parcels, fast commodity turnover and decrease in amount of inappropriate contacts of buyer with the shop personnel.

The speed of commodity turnover
Return of not redeemed parcels to partners is carried out in time from 2 to 3 days. It allows to realize quickly ones again, increasing the speed of sales. We offer our clients opportunities which proved their efficiency, and can provide 100% return at all stages of logistic process.

Advancing Technologies
Our services keep in line with progress and requirements of modern logistic service. We work so that introduced technologies of express delivery always on a step ahead satisfying the needs of our partner. Or, at least, were according to them. If you had a task which needs to be solved, we will make it. Let's develop a special technical solution or service and we will build it in logistic process. For example, we were the first company in Russia which had offered service – delivery with fitting. Our clients are well familiar with innovative approach of conducting business and note as much it means to them. To each client in the MaxiPost approach is individual. In order of our cooperation, really, bring benefit. The bigger your business is the more difficult the task will be– the more simple and more favorable, solutions proposed by us will be!

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