Delivery in Moscow and in the Moscow region
Delivery for online stores in Moscow and the Moscow region. We carry out delivery by strict rules which provide high quality of work and guarantee reliability of processes.
In Moscow and the Moscow region process of delivery can include preliminary purpose of date and time (Service pro-ring), or delivery is carried out on the parameters, specified by the client (sender). Additional communications are carried out through the SMS notification (a reminder of delivery time, dialing attempts). The text of the message is individual and it is provided by the client. The sending of messages is free of charge. Delivery time from 10.00 till 18.00, from Monday, till Saturday. Service can be provided with preliminary Pro-ring, fitting, check of structure of investments, partial repayment, the cash and clearing settlement. Variations of services depending on needs of the client are possible. We insure departures on their full cost and we compensate you losses in force majeur cases. Compensation happens quickly and without additional delays. Parcels for delivery are accepted in the warehouse MaxiPost around the clock (according to time agreed in the contract). We also collected the goods for Moscow and the Moscow region. Delivery is carried out by the company. In Moscow, where is our head office. Delivery process is regulated by the quality standards of the company, verified by years of work and secured a contractual relationship with the customer.

Delivery in Saint-Petersburg and Leningrad region
Delivery for online stores in St. Petersburg and Leningrad region
Delivery is provided by the company in accordance with the rules laid down by the treaty relationship.
In Saint-Petersburg and Leningrad region the client can use the full range of services: from the fence the goods to the courier to the door of the recipient. The service is provided with pro-ring, receiving cash, fitting a partial refund and other modifications. Delivery time from 10.00 to 18.00 from Monday to Saturday. The service includes a mandatory pre-setting the date and time (by MaxiPost or client). Additional communications are conducted via sms-notification (reminder of the time of delivery, call attempt). Text messages and provides individual customer.

Sending of messages is free of charge. Parcels are accepted for delivery from stock MaxiPost around the clock (according to the time agreed in the contract). We insure departure on the full cost to you and compensate losses in force majeure cases. Compensation happens quickly and without additional delay. We also collected the goods for St. Petersburg and Leningrad region. Delivery is made by the company. Own office in St. Petersburg.

Delivery across Russia
Express delivery for online stores to regions of the Russian Federation. Geography of express delivery – 75 cities in regions of Russia. Russian Post, EMS, other partners – across all Russia.
The technology of delivery is built according to the following scheme. Parcels are transferred for sending to regions on the next working day after receiving them in a warehouse in Moscow. The pro-ring and Delivery begin the next working day after receiving a parcel in the appointed city. In the first day all base is rung out and at least 2 attempts to phone to the recipient. Since second day, pro-ring it is made daily during a parcel period of storage. The pro-ring service is included in the tariff for shipping in the region. If the first day to reach the recipient fails, the receiver sends sms-notification with a request to contact us by telephone on the hotline number. Later Sms-alert is sent after unsuccessful attempts to get through to the recipient on the second and third day, and after the end of the retention period. At the time of delivery, the buyer can try and obtain goods and take only that which pleases him. We also provide a service - pay cash on delivery. Delivery to the regions is provided by partners (Russian Post, EMS, courier and freight services) under the control of MaxiPost.

Points of issue of orders
Points of personal claim of orders. The goods ordered in online stores, clients can take away in points of issue of orders of the MaxiPost Company in Moscow, St. Petersburg and regions of Russia.