The priority direction of work 2013 - regions of the Russian Federation
The courier service MaxiPost is the strategic partner of the companies working in sector of distant sales. The Internet provides more and more opportunities to the consumer for acquisition of necessary goods, and we provide owners of online stores with the resources necessary for sending orders, directly in hands to the recipient regardless of his geographic location.

MaxiPost standards
The main advantage of regional delivery from the MaxiPost, – is the quality standards of the reliable company. Yes, we use forces of contract organizations. All our partners pass trial test which defines possibility of our further cooperation. At the exit - our clients - representatives of remote business have one contract – with the MaxiPost Company who guarantees execution of all obligations for delivery at high level. Besides, we offer, validly, favorable prices. Today in our list of regional deliveries we have 75 cities of Russia.

Delivery rules
Parcels are transferred for sending to regions on the next working day after receiving in a warehouse in Moscow. The pro-ring and delivery begins the next working day after receiving a parcel in the appointment city. In the first day all base is rung out and at least two attempts to phone to the recipient are taken. Since second day, Pro-ring is made daily during a parcel period of storage. Thus every day we make from 3-5 attempts to phone to the recipient. Service Pro-ring is included into a tariff for regional delivery. In case in the first day we didn’t succeed to contact the recipient, the recipient will receive an SMS notification with a request to call us the hot line.  Further the SMS notification will be send after unsuccessful attempts to phone to the recipient for the second and third day, and also after the termination of a period of storage.

Process on a palm
At the time of delivery, the buyer can try on the received goods and take only what is pleasant to him. We also provide service - cash payment to the courier. Cooperation with the MaxiPost is favorable, not only to buyers of online stores, but also their owners. The contract for delivery is signed quickly, and business is done with high degree of transparency. The Trace & Tracking tool provides information on delivery process at all stages. The system of tracking of orders contains the actual status of a condition of delivery.