We offer a complex product for representatives of the catalog trade, created for the solution of specific problems of business.

We reduce the way to the buyer

"Long" way from shop to the recipient trade according to the catalog differs from all other types of remote trade.  And from this reason, a number of features of process of delivery appear also.  We developed the scheme which allows increasing percent of repayment of purchases by the customer.  Its accurate functioning is ensured by a number of additional services which the client can use on own decision.
First, from the moment of receipt of a parcel to a warehouse of our company, experts of MaxiPost center constantly keep in contact with the buyer. Explain where at present the parcel is and when it "will arrive" to him.
Secondly, since the same moment, we start making statistic information on the order. We remind the buyer that he made an order. Thereby, we increase, desire after all to wait for the parcel.
Thirdly, we select convenient time for delivery. In case of absence of the buyer in the city, the parcel is free of charge stored in our warehouse for 14 days. And all this time we look for opportunity to deliver it. And, most often, we find.
Fourthly, we can store and accumulate returns of the partner, gaining the volume which will economically wise to return. Especially it is important for our foreign partners.

We deliver to regions
We take the responsibility of sending by mail of parcels of our clients. This procedure takes place much quicker in connection with the debugged partnership and the accurate scheme of work. Service is rendered in partnership with M-city Company. Schemes of collaboration are debugged more than 10 years of successful cooperation. Besides, we always have an alternative option of sending – we carry out regional delivery to 75 cities of Russia, in all from them the network of Points of Issue of Orders is developed.

We build logistics
The package offer for clients – experts of catalog trade includes opportunity to use services of the logistic center. Storage, complete set, sorting, packing, personification of departures and many other things. All this allows making delivery faster and convenient, reducing, the long period of delivery known by the catalog trade. Especially for you – we carry out sending not only parcels, but also catalogs. The MaxiPost Company helps the buyer and the ordered goods to become closer in the shortest terms. Pre-delivery processing, and also storage and sorting of parcels is made by the checked partner – M-city company.

We perfect professionalism
The volume of the purchases made through catalogs grows. It is possible to order the pleasant models in any convenient way, and delivery of parcels will be provided by the MaxiPost Company. We offer competitive prices which are individual for each client. Special tariffs are guaranteed by the developed partner network of the company, and professional logistics.

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